Steps Involved In Your First Kippah Fitting

As a person of the Jewish faith, it is a monumentous occasion when you get your first kippah and get it fitted. Picking just the right kippah, making sure it fits your skull and then finding the right kippah clips to make it stay put are all part of the process. As you look forward to this special moment in the observation of your faith, here are the steps involved in your first kippah fitting and what you can expect. Read More 

How To Display Religious Statues In Your Residential Garden

Religious statues can be successfully used as focal points in a private residential garden. Statues of religious entities can add meaning and solemnity to a garden setting. If you have a garden on your residential property, you can create a meditative area for reflection and prayer that is steps away from your home. Here are some specific areas where religious statues can be appropriately displayed in a residential garden:  Garden Grotto - A large stone grotto can be built in a quiet area of your residential garden and used to display a religious statue. Read More 

Two Tips For Cleaning An Alabaster Figure On A Wooden Wall Crucifix

While an expensive wall crucifix with an alabaster Christ figure in its center can be very beautiful, porous alabaster is unusually difficult to clean. If you try to just use a towel with soapy water like you'd use with any other surface, the figure will absorb a lot of water and become discolored. So whenever the alabaster figure on your wooden wall crucifix becomes dirty, remember these two cleaning tips. Read More 

3 Great Ideas For People Shopping For Christian Rings

As a believer, you might be interested in finding ways to express your faith and belief. This can serve both as an inspiration and conversation piece that allows you to tell others about your belief in God, and a constant reminder to yourself about your belief, since faith is a marathon and not a sprint. In that regard, Christian rings are a great way for you to profess your faith. Read More