3 Great Ideas For People Shopping For Christian Rings

As a believer, you might be interested in finding ways to express your faith and belief. This can serve both as an inspiration and conversation piece that allows you to tell others about your belief in God, and a constant reminder to yourself about your belief, since faith is a marathon and not a sprint. In that regard, Christian rings are a great way for you to profess your faith.

These rings can bought or ordered at a lot of different religious goods retailers, so that you can find the perfect ring for you. With this in mind, consider these three options of Christian rings, so that you can select one that fits your needs and sensibilities:

#1: A Cross Ring

While many religions have a belief in God, Christianity is different, in that believers profess that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for the salvation of the world. For this reason, the cross has become a prominent symbol to express that belief. This central belief is one that Christians agree on more than any other tenant of the faith, making it an excellent selection for a symbol that you might want to include when you purchase a ring. 

#2: A Scripture Ring

In the Christian faith, there are some popular scriptures that illustrate the power and belief in God, tenants of living a quality of life and reminders to keep the faith to power through hard times. Buying a ring with these scriptures included not only serves on a daily reminder for you, it also can allow you to teach others about these scriptures, as you share your faith. For instance, John 3:16 details the belief that God gave his only son to save the world, Psalm 23 urges believers to be unafraid, since God is with them, and Proverbs 22:6 details advice on raising children. 

#3: A Purity Ring

One tenant of the faith that many Christians practice is to not have sex before marriage. A purity ring, worn on the wedding ring fingers, serves as a reminder and motivation to resist the temptation. These rings have become popular for many people in the faith, and these rings are made in a lot of different colors, shapes and designs. 

Consider these three different types of Christian Rings, so that you are able to find unique ways to express your faith and to share it with the world.