Two Tips For Cleaning An Alabaster Figure On A Wooden Wall Crucifix

While an expensive wall crucifix with an alabaster Christ figure in its center can be very beautiful, porous alabaster is unusually difficult to clean. If you try to just use a towel with soapy water like you'd use with any other surface, the figure will absorb a lot of water and become discolored. So whenever the alabaster figure on your wooden wall crucifix becomes dirty, remember these two cleaning tips.

Use Different Painting Brush Sizes To Easily Clean Different Crevices

Since you can't use soapy water, the easiest way to clean dirt off of an alabaster figure is to simply brush it off. But since a typical Christ figure on a wooden wall crucifix has so many small details and crevices on it, a normal brush won't suffice.

In place of a normal cleaning brush, buy a small paint brush kit and use each brush size according to the size of the crevice you're cleaning. While the smaller brushes will take longer to clean with because their shorter thistles mean that less pressure can be put on dirt, they're the only way to get at really small crevices without pressing too hard with a brush and damaging the figure.

You can either dip the brushes in a small amount of bleach that isn't mixed with water or use them as they are. Either way, it'll probably take many passes with a brush to completely clear one particular clod of dirt.

Use A Fan Or Blow Dryer To Blow Stubborn Dust Off Of The Figure

If there isn't much dirt on the alabaster to worry about and you want a faster way to clear dust off the figure, a fan or blow dryer is a good substitute for brushes. As long as the dust isn't dense enough to stick to the figure's surface, all it'll take is holding the crucifix in your hands and twisting it around in front of a fan or blow dryer to clean it off.

After you're done blowing air on the crucifix, take it far away from the room you cleaned it in so that all the dust you stirred up won't have an opportunity to settle back down on the alabaster. Once some time has passed and you've opened a window in the room to air it out, you can bring the crucifix back. 

As long as you're willing to try unconventional methods, there's no reason to be intimidated with the prospect of cleaning alabaster. Especially when it comes to cleaning a cherished religious figure, viable and appropriate cleaning methods will significantly improve the look of your home.