How To Display Religious Statues In Your Residential Garden

Religious statues can be successfully used as focal points in a private residential garden. Statues of religious entities can add meaning and solemnity to a garden setting. If you have a garden on your residential property, you can create a meditative area for reflection and prayer that is steps away from your home. Here are some specific areas where religious statues can be appropriately displayed in a residential garden: 

  • Garden Grotto - A large stone grotto can be built in a quiet area of your residential garden and used to display a religious statue. A grotto can be constructed of local rocks cemented together or built entirely out of bricks and mortar. Small stepped platforms can be built into the sides and arch of the grotto to hold potted plants and soften the edges of the stone grotto. Lighting can be added to the grotto to highlight the religious statue at night. A statue of the Virgin Mary is often chosen to be displayed in a grotto, but favorite saints and angels can also be used. 
  • Garden Water Feature - A religious statue can establish a meditative theme and convey a feeling of calm near a garden water feature. The sound of splashing and running water is soothing and can create a reflective scene especially with the addition of a birdbath or pond. A statue of St. Francis of Assisi, the Holy Family, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or an Archangel can work well near a fountain or running garden stream.  Blooming and non-blooming green plants can be used around a religious statue to add color and scent. 
  • Walking Meditation Garden - A residential garden with several religious statues on a garden path can create a walking meditation garden. The religious statues can act as stations along this path for reflection and prayer. Statues of favorite saints can be chosen or different members of the Holy Family can be spaced along the path. You can begin with a statue of St. Joseph, proceed to a statue of Mary, and end with a statue of Jesus Christ.      
  • Memorial Garden - A statue of an angel can be installed in a residential garden to commemorate a beloved family member who is no longer with you. Meaningful quotations and thoughts can be inscribed on large rocks nearby to guide you when meditating or praying for your lost loved one. Favorite plants and flowers can be planted near a religious statue in remembrance of your family member. Memorial gardens can also be used to remember your family pets. 

Planning, building, and maintaining a religious statue in your residential garden can be a welcome activity that gives you great pleasure. When completed, Catholic statues installed in close proximity to your home can turn your residential garden into a quiet refuge for you and your family.