Steps Involved In Your First Kippah Fitting

As a person of the Jewish faith, it is a monumentous occasion when you get your first kippah and get it fitted. Picking just the right kippah, making sure it fits your skull and then finding the right kippah clips to make it stay put are all part of the process. As you look forward to this special moment in the observation of your faith, here are the steps involved in your first kippah fitting and what you can expect.

Smoothing Your Hair Down

It is important that your kippah fit very close to your skull. As such, if you have very curly, poofy hair, you will need to smooth it down in the area where your kippah will go. Your parents or temple leaders will show you how to do this in a way that does not interfere or insult your faith's restrictions and practices. Then you will be expected to do this on your own every time you prepare to go to Temple.

Making Sure Your Kippah Covers the Right Part of Your Head

The crown of your head needs to be covered completely. Your kippah should be large enough to encircle the crown of your head and cover it from view. Whoever helps you find a kippah to cover the crown of your head will be able to see if the kippah is large enough in diameter to cover your crown. As you grow, you may have several more kippahs because your head may grow and change size and shape, but for now you just need a kippah big enough to do the job.

Choosing the Right Kippah Clips

The kippah clips are little clips that hold the kippah on your head so that it does not fall off while you are in Temple and disgrace you and your family. The efficacy of the clips are just as important as the kippah itself. Many people of the Jewish faith, especially the ladies, use bobby pins, but if you have thick, curly or poofy hair, you may need something with a little more grip. As you are fitted for your first kippah, the person helping you may try bobby pins first, since they are the least expensive solution. You have to shake your head violently to see if the bobby pins let go and your kippah falls off. Then other types and styles of kippah clips will be tried in the same way until the right clips have been selected for you. You will also learn how to clip the kippah to your hair and your head before you enter Temple for the first time, and then you can do it yourself. For more information, contact companies like Kippah Klipz.